Halas Labs

Halas Labs

Halas Labs is a small technology firm dedicated to solving problems using the latest cloud technologies available. Over time we plan to release our own products, open source software and eventually provide consulting services.

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May 2018
Blackburrow Experiment Begins
Halas Labs Established - Stealth Mode

What we do

Solving today's problems with tomorrow's solutions.

With over 15 years of SaaS experience we are dedicated to solving the right problems the right way. Our hallmark is always going to be one of quality. Although focusing on what works now is excellent for prototyping and early stages you must come full circle to close those gaps. We know iteration is key, so we test early and often but always deliver a finished product.

Happy customers

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late night coding sessions

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Our latest project

phpJobs.app - a site dedicated to showcasing phpJobs from around the world.

Choose from hundreds of relevant and vetted jobs - the place to be if you want to work in the PHP ecosystem.

PHP Focused

All jobs posted will be vetted to ensure they are truly PHP focused careers.

No Nonsense UX

phpJobs.app will never run ads, we are dedicated to delivering only on target jobs that are relevant to today's market.

Source amazing talent!

After the launch of phpJobs.app we will focus our growth on getting quality traffic to fill your positions. We will actively promote all jobs posted on phpJobs.app.

Content is King.

Not only does phpjobs.app aim to be a source for high quality php jobs we also will aggregate from other sources to ensure a one stop shop for all of you php job needs.

Latest Blog Posts

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Project Blackburrow Unveiled

Project blackburrow aka phpJobs is a job board and aggregator for PHP jobs. A job board is nothing new on the web, so you might be thinking - why?

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